Where did it all start?

It all started somewhere in Thailand

A few years ago, Kiki was at a gorgeous cocktail bar in Thailand. It was a magical place, one of those that you’d want to recommend to friends - if only she remembered the name (?!) "I wish there were a way to easily keep track of your experiences and share them with friends”, she thought to herself

Kiki & Eric find each other

Fast forward to 2018, New York City, Columbia Business School. This is where Kiki & Eric decide to bring tryll to life. They envisioned tryll as a recommendation platform that would allow users to share and access authentic experiences trusted by friends

The ball starts rolling

After endless months spent looking for the right team, getting rejected from most accelerators while accepted into few, taking entrepreneurship classes, developing the wireframe… The ball finally started to roll and the team developed the first tryll prototype

Launch coming soon


3 fun facts