tryll's list: August edition

This is the story of Archibald, Archibald the tryllbird. 

Many many years ago, our beloved tryllbird, embarked on a mission: discover experiences across the world, to personally recommend to his friends.

And so it was that Archibald, armed with positivity, enthusiasm and determination set out from Egypt, flying miles and miles until arriving at his first stop: New York City.

Since his arrival, Archibald has been exploring the Big Apple, relentlessly. He has been dropping feathers in spots that he has most enjoyed and is now, finally, excited to share them with us all.




The only hotel I’ve ever found that gives me a gallery, gorgeous NYC view and great coffee all at once.
— Archibald

As NYC hotels go, citizenM Bowery is a triumph in comfort and coolness combined. The huge open plan lobby serves as a coffee shop, co-working space and casual bar all rolled into one. Once you’ve perused the stacks of coffee table books and walls full of artwork in the lobby you’ll find that the best is yet to come, as you ascend through citizenM’s 20 floors. The entire staircase is home to The Museum of Street Art, with every floor bringing you to a new design piece, and finally to Cloud Nine (literally) - citizenM’s chic rooftop bar, where summer drinks come with a side of gorgeous Manhattan skyline. 

The Nomad Hotel


Decorated with classic antiques that give it a comforting and timeless feel, the Nomad Hotel is an attention grabber. The building was previously home to the National Cash Register Company, but has since been fully restored to remind guests of a grand European hotel while still providing a unique New York experience. The Nomad also has a Michelin Star, making it worthy of a stop even without a stay.


DeKalb Market Hall

Less is More, but when it comes to food: I’ll take one of everything!
— Archibald

Ever craved the world famous Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwich, but not wanted to make the trip to the LES to get one? Dekalb Market Hall has got you covered. This brand new underground food market in Downtown Brooklyn not only has a ‘Taste of Katz Deli’, but a taste of almost every cuisine you could ever want. Grab yourself whatever you’re craving, wash it down with a speciality wine from Brooklyn Wine Cellar, and check out the Ample Hills stand for dessert. Then, hang around into the night to catch a round of trivia or see your favorite comedian perform at Dekalb’s Stage Events!

La Mercerie

A little Paris in New York, how delightful.
— Archibald

Looking for an old-school French restaurant in the city? La Mercerie opened two years ago when Chef Marie-Aude Rose moved to New York. She started cooking with her grandparents in Paris in the French countryside and is on a mission to bring the sustenance of her childhood into this place. The menu changes once a day at noon.



Well, definitely not that stingy for a piece of pie eheh.
— Archibald

Without a question, the Flatiron Building is one of the most emblematic and well-known icons of New York City. However, not too long ago and rather surprisingly, this was not the case. Our beloved triangular building was depicted as a “monstrosity”, a “stingy piece of pie” and “unfit to be in the Center of the City”.

Well, we surely admire our stingy piece of pie, and would argue that regardless of how many times you’ve walked past it, it’s hard not to pause and contemplate its majesty and elegance even just for a few seconds. 

West 4th Street Courts

Also known as “The Cage”, the West 4th Courts is notorious for its intense pick-up basketball games on its non-regulation sized courts. Several NBA players began their love of the sport on these courts, among them being Dr. J, Walter Berry, and Jayson Williams. “The Cage” attracts more than 100,000 spectators each summer, with many of them attending its citywide annual street-ball tournament. Take the ACE to West 4th, and watch some of the most talented street-ball players in the world rough out a game of pure basketball. 


Special Club

This Special Club is jolly special and rather intimate.
— Archibald

An ode to old-school New York lounges where you could eat and drink while jazz, soul or blues bands would be playing in the background, the Special Club will make you feel as though you’ve been let in on a little, special secret.

Phones away. Spend the next two hours feeling connected to the people you’re sharing this magical experience with, be it your friends or your table neighbors.

City Vineyard & Wine Garden


If you’re looking for a place to capture that memorable sunset photo with your friends, City Vineyard & Wine Garden is it. Pair a glass of your favorite vino with some oysters and soak up the sun as you lounge on its roof deck. This two-floor restaurant and wine bar sits on the Hudson River in Tribeca, and has a panoramic view of downtown Manhattan and the river. 




“The Most Interesting Store in the World” goes to Showfields, an online-brand only multi-level store. Armed with a slide and pillow pit, explore each room and immerse yourself in the story of each brand. Showfields brings online brands to life through interactive retail and invites customers to touch, smell, and test the various products featured

The Strand

The Strand Bookstore holds a treasured collection of old and new books, collectibles, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and souvenirs on the corner of 12th Street and Broadway. As the last standing survivor of NYC’s lost “Book Row”, the Strand has stood as an iconic go-to store for bookworms since 1927. Its notorious dollar carts are filled, and New Yorkers can be found with The Strand bags all over the city. Attend an event in The Strand’s Rare Book Room or curl up on the couch and read one of its “18 and Miles of Books”.  


The Met


Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will let you travel through thousands and thousands of years of history in one session. From ancient Egyptian temples, to the 16th century Spanish castle’s patio, the museum makes you feel as though you have temporarily left the City.

If you’re a music lover, and particularly a piano lover, then the Met is a must. Here you will find the oldest surviving piano dating back to the early 18th century - created by Bartolomeo Cristofori, the man who invented the piano, some say.

NYC Transit Museums

Located in the decommissioned Court St. subway station, the NYC Transit Museum is a tribute to the history of New York City and what made its expansion possible. You enter as if you were entering the subway. And if you go all the way downstairs, you can see the subways of New York’s past (and the current A train).